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Rabbit offer is constantly updated with new devices that complement existing controllers and lighting systems with additional functionality and products that enrich LED street lighting cabinets equipment with necessary systems and accessories.

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InfraRED module for CPA 4.0 clock

InfraRED module with CPA 4.0 clock remote control application. The CPA 4.0 astronomical clock can be programmed using the infraRED module, which is equipped with an infrared receiver.


Central photocell is a device dedicated to the midiBLUE street lighting control system.  The device measures sunlight intensity and sends information to a server.

digiLUX digital twilight switch

digiLUX digital twilight switch is designed to control lighting: street, manufacturing facilities and industrial halls. It is an autonomous device or operating as supplementation of digital astronomical CPA programmers.

Soft start LED inrush current limiter

Soft start LED is an inrush current limiter. It protects the lighting installation against considerable current surge which may cause substantial damage.

LightSport DALI / 1-10 V converter for controlling lighting circuits

The LightSport binary converter is designed for group control of LED luminaires equipped with a DALI or 1-10 V interface. The converter allows to generate a DALI signal or an analogue voltage signal of 1-10 V. This allows to control the luminaires brightness by using CPAnet, CPA Sport, midiBLUE controller or a combination of four ordinary switches.


The 1-10test device servers to verify proper operation of lamps adjusted to be controlled via the 1-10 interface.

DALItest lamp operation tester

The DALItest tester servers to verify proper operation of lamps adjusted to be controlled via the DALI interface.

DZN voltage drop detector

The voltage drop detector is used to detect and signal a voltage drop at one of the four inputs. The device does not distinguish between phases.

SILENT cabinet led light

SILENT is a LED lamp with the function of a control cabinet end piece, which ensures its optimal illumination. When the door is opened, the lamp lights up automatically and when the door is closed, the light inside the cabinet goes out automatically.