Letter of References

Opinions about our company and places where our products were used

Voit of the Kobierzyce Commune

After installing an Active Harmonic Filter in the switchgear at Kobierzyce Municipal Office, reactive power bills dropped to near zero and the power factor also improved. The harmonic content has dropped to several percent.

City of Bielsk Podlaski

The use of reactive power compensators has effectively protected upgraded street lighting from generating additional reactive power costs. LED compensators from Rabbit have completely eliminated reactive energy issues.

Budomont -7 sp.z o.o.

19 units of modern LED street lighting cabinets with midiBLUE control system and LED capacitive reactive power compensators were built. Deliveries were made with due diligence, on time and in accordance with the requirements specified in the orders.

ZD and Z in Suwałki

By installing reactive power compensation devices, we have gained a reduction in electricity charges, improved electrical network parameters- reducing the load on electrical wires, thereby extending the life of equipment, effectively protecting upgraded LED lighting circuits from generating additional costs associated with reactive power.

City Council of Stargard

Stargard Municipality certifies that the existing street lighting circuits in the city have been equipped with astronomical clocks of midiBLUE type manufactured by Rabbit Sp. z o.o. based in Wroclaw and are functioning properly.

Municipal Office of Czerwonak

Czerwonak commune certifies that it uses midiBLUE astronomical clocks manufactured by Rabbit Sp. z o.o. These devices ensure proper control and time management of street lighting.

City Council of Żary

microBLUE GPS is a digital astronomical programmer, which has great capabilities in programming as well as in controlling circuits of street lighting installations. Therefore, we recommend the microBLUE GPS Digital Astronomical Programmer as a useful tool.

City of Rybnik

I hereby certify that 37 units of modern lighting cabinets with LED capacitive reactive power compensators have been installed in Rybnik between 2017 and 2021. The devices in question were manufactured by Rabbit Sp. z o.o.


PHU MADO is pleased with the performance of its 14 kVAr Active Harmonic Filter manufactured by Rabbit Sp. z o.o.