Lighting controllers for sports facilities

The lighting of sports facilities plays a very important role because of the health and safety of the users. In addition to the comfort of residents, an important element is also the cost to the municipality, so the lighting should be switched on only when needed, and the duration of such switching on can be freely set. Additionally, CPA Sport lighting controller allows you to switch on the lighting via SMS. With this solution, the municipality encourages residents to be physically active outdoors while ensuring their comfort and safety.

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Lighting controller for sports facilities

CPA Sport is a controller designed for lighting management in sports facilities. Through the website, you can set passwords and lighting duration, calculate the estimated cost of lighting in a particular month and also specify the time period when the lighting is turned on/off via SMS.

LightSport DALI / 1-10 V converter for controlling lighting circuits

The LightSport binary converter is designed for group control of LED luminaires equipped with a DALI or 1-10 V interface. The converter allows to generate a DALI signal or an analogue voltage signal of 1-10 V. This allows to control the luminaires brightness by using CPAnet, CPA Sport, midiBLUE controller or a combination of four ordinary switches.