Financing lighting solutions

Investments in road lighting are a significant burden on local government budgets. At times, they exceed the budgetary capacity, which effectively stops investment efforts from taking place. Another important aspect is the current epidemiological and economic situation, which may additionally contribute to the slowdown in public investment due to lack of own resources.

In response to our Customers’ expectations, Rabbit in cooperation with Pekao Leasing offers financing of the equipment and systems offered in the form of operating lease, finance lease or a lease loan.

Who is the lease of Rabbit devices and systems for?

• Local government units

• Bodies governed by public law

• Civil partnerships

• Partnerships and capital companies

• Individual entrepreneurs – natural persons conducting economic activity

What are the advantages of financing investments by leasing?

• Maintaining full financial liquidity

• Installment sales

• Long financing term

• Quick and easy to obtain financing

• Financial and tax optimization

In public procurement, more and more often and tender inquiries in the public sector appear with emphasis on the form of investment financing which is operating lease.

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