Street lighting controllers

Street lighting is first of all about safety and proper image of the illuminated places. An important element of street lighting are the control devices, they largely determine the safety and operating costs. The main task of the control is to turn on the lighting in the evening – when the natural light is too weak and turn it off in the morning – when there is enough light.

Our offer

CPAnet control and monitoring system

CPAnet is a modern system that is used for remote monitoring and management of street lighting through the website.

midiBLUE NFC astronomical digital clock

The midiBLUE NFC controller is used to switch lighting on, off and monitor it remotely via a web page or by a proximity via a smartphone from the midiBLUE NFC application.

midiBLUE astronomical digital clock

midiBLUE is a modern and intelligent street lighting controller. It is designed for turning on/off and monitoring operation of lighting infrastructure. The controller is programmed using a website.

microBLUE GPS astronomical digital clock

microBLUE GPS is a modern street lighting controller with built-in GPS receiver. Programming of the controller is carried out by a smartphone from the mBLUE application.

microBLUE astronomical digital clock

microBLUE street lighting controllers are used for remote street lighting control via smartphone or tablet from the application. The device calculates the hours of sunrise and sunset according to the current date and the geographical location in which it is installed or it retrieves them from the table.

CPA 4.0 astronomical digital clock

CPA 4.0 is a controller designed for switching on and off the street lighting. Hours of switching on and off are determined on the basis of data from an array of sunrises and sunsets, and amendments made by the user.