Frequently asked questions


Do timers automatically change between summer and winter time?

Yes. Our timers have automatic time change without any intervention.

Can I upload my own tables to RABBIT timers?

Yes, you can. For some of them remotely via Internet e.g.: midiBLUE or via BLUETOOTH e.g.: microBLUE, and for older models as CPA 4.0 controller – on site in RABBIT service. CPAnet, on the other hand, operates based on geographic location.

Will the new timers work with the old model timers?

All timers except CPAnet can be set to use the CPA 4.0 compliant table. They will then work with older timer models.

Will the timer remember the settings after a power outage?

The timer remembers the settings after a power outage. The timers have an internal battery to maintain memory and stored settings.


Do you need a dedicated app to remotely control the midiBLUE/CPAnet system?

Any device with internet access (smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC) is required to operate midiBLUE and CPAnet systems. The system is managed through any web browser.

When communication is lost in midiBLUE/CPAnet systems, does the timer remember the settings?

The timer remembers the settings. These systems use the settings stored in their memory when communication is lost. The timer will turn the lights on and off according to the saved settings.


How to deal with reactive power in LED street lighting?

The costly problem of capacitive reactive power in street lighting arises when the lighting infrastructure is equipped only with LED lamps. LED technology is a high-efficiency technology with great savings, but in addition to its many undeniable advantages, it also has its requirements. LED lamps, as opposed to sodium lamps, generate reactive capacitive power, for which the power companies, thanks to smart meters, charge additional fees. Such charges can be avoided by compensating the capacitive reactive power with an appropriate circuit. Compared to traditional street lighting lamps, LED lamps also require a completely different protection system.

It is most beneficial to consider the LED street lighting cabinet at the street lighting design stage. The LED cabinet combines a comprehensive solution in a single enclosure. It provides professional protection and control of modern LED street lighting luminaires and proper compensation of capacitive reactive power. This solution significantly reduces the cost of the entire project.

A properly selected LED compensator with parameters corresponding to the needs of a specific location guarantees reduction of electricity bills – eliminating charges for reactive power. Leaving standard lighting cabinets in the course of modernization entails the need to add to them so-called extensions, and this significantly increases the cost of investment.

Can any compensator be used for street lighting?

Capacitive reactive power compensators have long been used in industry. They are large and expensive. Such compensators are not suitable for street lighting, they are designed for quite different tasks.

If I choose good LED lights will there be a reactive power payment?

Even the best LED lamps on the market produce capacitive reactive power.  This is a feature of electronics.


Can LED Rabbit soft start be used for single phase motors?

You can’t, because the motor has a prolonged start.


Where can I download manuals from?

User manuals are available to those who are logged into our site.  They can be downloaded from the “Downloads” > “Manuals” section and in the product section.

Where on the website can I find the price list?

We do not currently provide our price list on the website. For pricing information, please contact the sales department: tel: +48 71 328 50 65,

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