Service & Support

Adequate technical facilities and a team of experienced employees allow us to provide professional service at the highest level. We offer full technical support, warranty and post-warranty repairs, as well as remote assistance of our service department in the installation and commissioning of our equipment, as well as in ongoing maintenance. 

Technical and service support

In terms of technical support, we provide:

  • remote assistance in installation and commissioning of our equipment
  • professional assistance with ongoing maintenance of equipment
  • Service desk support for control system users: CPAnet and midiBLUE
  • support in designing of SOUL street lighting cabinets
  • power quality measurements
  • support in designing and selection of devices for reactive power compensation and harmonics reduction
  • assistance in estimating the costs of reactive power compensation
  • product and technical trainings on the use of control systems, astronomical clocks

We provide warranty and post-warranty service for our equipment:

  • equipment diagnosis – equipment inspection takes up to 7 days
  • consultation of the repair cost, before taking up the work (post-warranty repairs)
  • average equipment repair time is 7 working days (counted from the time of delivery of the device to the company’s headquarters and accrual of repair costs)
  • repairs are made at our headquarters in Wrocław
  • possibility of a service trip to a customer

Where to find us?

Service address:

Rabbit Sp. z o.o.
ul. Krakowska 141-155
50-428 Wrocław

+48 71 716 51 03

Service Desk

Users of our street lighting control systems: CPAnet and midiBLUE are guaranteed remote Service Desk support, Monday through Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., by phone +48 501 75 98 75 or e-mail:

Service Desk support includes, among others:

  • Remote technical support for CPAnet and midiBLUE control systems
  • solving reported problems concerning: failures, lack of driver availability and system malfunctions, etc.
  • referring complex problems to the appropriate technical teams
  • configuration and commissioning of new CPAnet and midiBLUE controllers
  • software upgrades to the latest versions

Product training

Product trainings are usually organized in our company Rabbit in Wroclaw or at the customer’s premises. It is a solution that works perfectly when theory alone is not enough and practice is required. Each of the offered trainings is tailored to the Customer’s requirements, and the trainers – experienced employees of our company provide their assistance, also after the training is completed.

We offer:

  • product and technical training for installers,
  • product and technical trainings for power plants,
  • product trainings dedicated for design offices,
  • product training, the scope of which is determined individually for each client’s specific needs

On-line training

Online training is a convenient solution to gain new knowledge. Trainings are conducted in the field of street lighting control, reactive capacitive power compensation and products offered.  The subject matter is determined individually, and the instructors are experienced employees of our company who share their knowledge and experience with the participants. 

Examples of training subjects:

  • Reactive power compensation in street lighting circuits. How to avoid high reactive energy charges?
  • Street lighting control methods – from requirements analysis to implementation and maintenance.
  • LED street lighting cabinet in street lighting control and management.
  • Reactive power compensation in street lighting circuits. Rabbit solutions.
  • Street lighting doesn’t have to be expensive to meet expectations. Practical and functional solutions for small communities – universal microBLUE GPS controller!