Street lighting control system

Street lighting control systems optimize and automate the operation of lighting, bringing many tangible benefits. Not only do they allow you to save money, but also energy, thus contributing to the principle of sustainable development. Reducing the electricity consumption of street lighting significantly reduces costs for the city or municipality. Thanks to advanced technology, lighting command and control becomes quick and easy.

Our offer

CPAnet – street lighting monitoring and management system

CPAnet is a system for remote monitoring and management of street lighting through a website in real time from any mobile device. The solution allows for smart control of street lighting, optimizing expenses and improving safety and comfort of residents.

midiBLUE street lighting control system

The midiBLUE system is designed specifically for road lighting control in rural municipalities that have extensive lighting infrastructure located over a wide area and limited budgets.

midiBLUE NFC street lighting control system

midiBLUE NFC is the first street lighting control system on the market featuring GSM remote and NFC proximity communication. The only system that responds to changes in weather to keep residents safe and cities operating at a lower cost.