midiBLUE NFC street lighting control system

midiBLUE NFC is the first street lighting control system on the market featuring GSM remote and NFC proximity communication. The only system that responds to changes in weather to keep residents safe and cities operating at a lower cost. It guarantees optimal switching on and off of street lighting and remote monitoring via a website or dedicated app.

The user, after logging in to the www.midiBLUE.pl www.midiBLUE.pl platform, has an overview of the lighting infrastructure of their municipality or city. They can comfortably program the operating parameters of the controllers according to their own preferences, replace the software if necessary, or create and configure their own groups of controllers. This type of solution allows you to tailor the lighting to your actual needs.

System description

The midiBLUE NFC control system consists of: midiBLUE NFC controllers, APC-LED power reducers mounted in each luminaire, and a Central Photocell. All elements of the system are managed by a website that allows remote monitoring and control of street lighting from any mobile device. This solution enables real-time data processing for a large number of lighting cabinets without investing in additional costly infrastructure.

One of the main components of the system is the midiBLUE NFC controller, which forms the system together with the web service when mounted in the lighting cabinet. The controller will optimally switch on and off the lighting – the time is taken directly from the world’s most accurate atomic clock. The APC-LED power reducers installed in the LED luminaires can be easily integrated with the midiBLUE NFC system. The solution allows for a temporary reduction of the luminous flux at different levels and directly contributes to reducing electricity bills, CO2 emissions and the period of payback on the new installation. The system allows remote reprogramming of both the range of the two time intervals and the level of reduction. An indispensable part of the midiBLUE NFC control system is the Central Photocell. Connected to a lighting control system, it allows for proper response to sudden weather changes. In case of sudden deterioration of weather conditions lighting will automatically switch on faster providing residents with proper visibility on streets and feeling of safety. On the other hand, during a sunny morning, the lighting will be turned off earlier than scheduled, resulting in additional savings. All elements of the system are managed by a server. The user can remotely control the operation of even a very extensive lighting infrastructure from anywhere via a website. This has a direct impact on improving the quality of lighting, on the speed of response in emergency situations and on reducing the
costs of use and maintenance of the installation. System users are given their login and password. Extensive permission levels mean that the number of users assigned to a single account can be virtually unlimited, and users can be assigned different permission statuses. With data encryption, the streetlight control software meets the highest security standards.

Free street lighting control app

Communication with the midiBLUE NFC controller can also be performed via NFC wireless communication, from a dedicated app. This easy-to-use app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store. When installed on a smartphone, it allows users to program controllers even without connecting to power, and if the user is near the cabinet, they don’t need internet access to check controller settings or program it.




the carbon footprint



Product specifications

  • full control and management of the system via a website
  • controller programming is performed remotely via a website or by a proximity via a smartphone from the midiBLUE NFC application
  • time synchronization with the Network Time Protocol server – time retrieved directly from the atomic clock guarantees an absolute accuracy
  • communication: GPRS, SMS, NFC
  • possibility to create and manage groups of controllers
  • possibility to switch the lighting on/off via SMS in an emergency
  • user authorization (login, password) and assignment of various permissions
  • automatic summer/winter time change
  • possibility to program up to four switch-on/off intervals at fixed hours, including astronomical switch-on/offs
  • 4 output modes: astronomical, daily, cascade, service
  • LEDs on the front panel indicating the status of inputs and outputs, GSM, GPRS signal, power supply status
  • possibility to introduce 10 exceptions to the lighting operating schedule (e.g. calendar holidays, local holidays, etc.)
  • possibility to upload any astronomical table
  • possibility to set separate corrections for summer and winter
  • alarm analysis system
  • immediate information on the occurrence of alarm situations, i.e. power failure and cabinet opening
  • visualization of drivers on a website map
  • reporting system
  • HTTPS encryption
  • data archiving
  • event recording
  • lighting operating time counter (separate for each control output)
  • remote upgrade of software and settings via GPRS
  • remote programming of luminaires with APC-LED system
  • operating in an astronomical mode based on GPS position or astronomical table data
  • remote switching on/off of lighting during maintenance works
  • possibility to control lighting in sports facilities such as football pitch, school playgrounds, etc.
  • the ability to connect a central photocell for immediate response to strong weather changes. Its proper use allows to achieve great saving
  • supply voltage: 90-264 VAC, 40-63 Hz
  • driver size (width / height / depth): 106 x 91 x 62 mm
  • width of the device: 6 modules
  • number of outputs: 3
  • outputs current capacity: AC1: 6A/250 V AC; DC1: 6A/24 V DC
  • number of intputs: 1
  • operating temperature: from -30°C to +85°C
  • protection degree: IP20
  • DIN rail mounting

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