DZN voltage drop detector

The voltage drop detector is used to detect and signal a voltage drop at one of the four inputs. The device does not distinguish between phases.

Product specifications

  • detection and signaling of voltage absence at one of four inputs
  • operation mode without an analysis of voltage input (factory set)
  • operation mode with an analysis of voltage input
  • optical signaling of operation mode
  • no phase distinction
  • cooperation with CPAnet and midiBLUE street lighting systems
  • possible cooperation with other devices
  • possible installation in every lighting cabinet
  • power supply voltage: 230VAC, ±10%, 50Hz,
  • dimensions (w/h/l): 53 x 96 x 33 mm
  • device width: 3 modules
  • number of outputs: 1P
  • relay output current-carrying capacity: AC1: 5A/230V, DC1: 5A/24V
  • number of inputs: 4 (galvanic separation)
  • power consumption: 1W
  • operating temperature: from -20°C to +70°C
  • voltage on inputs L1 – L4: 400VAC,
  • degree of protection: IP20
  • installation on the DIN bar

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