LED MAX compensator

LED compensator and LED MAX compensator are designed in such a way to significantly reduce the losses generated in the LED lighting installation which result from the flow of capacitive reactive power. In practice it means reduction of high bills for capacitive reactive energy, which is more and more often invoiced by power plants. The devices proposed by our company are designed to work in street lighting circuits equipped with LED lamps. The devices are pre-parameterized for specific circuits during production. Wide range of adjustment ensures optimal compensation, even with large changes in reactive power as in the case of installation of illuminations on the occasion of Christmas and other celebrations.

Compensator’s controller regulates the tracking compensation in the range from 15% to 100%, i.e. e.g. the compensator 2250 VAR provides compensation of capacitive reactive power from 350 VAr to 2250 VAr.

The compensator may cooperate with CPAnet type street lighting controllers. In this way it enables automatic, remote supervision of the compensation process. It is best to install the device at the stage of designing and construction of new LED lighting cabinet. This solution significantly reduces the cost of the entire project.

Product specifications

  • optimisation of reactive power in LED lighting circuits
  • 1- and 3-phase versions available
  • tracking compensation of reactive power in the range from 15 to 100%
  • power range up to 3500 VAr in modular version, extendable to 7500 VAr in hybrid version
  • may be used in cable networks, overhead lines, for internal and external lighting in power distribution systems supporting facilities
  • compatibility with CPAnet system – remote management and network monitoring
  • high economic efficiency allows to reduce the cost of reactive power and thus to improve the quality of energy
  • environmentally friendly device – thanks to elimination of capacitive reactive power consumption, the CO2 emission may be reduced
  • rate of return on purchase of the device starting from 3 months

• powersupplyvoltage: 230 V
• power range up to: 3500Var in the modular version, extendable to 7500 Var in hybrid
• operating temperature: from -20°C to +55°C
• protectionlevel: IP20
• mounted: mountedin a lighting cabinet
• dimensions and weight: depend on the version

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