midiBLUE astronomical digital clock

midiBLUE is a modern and intelligent street lighting controller. It is designed for turning on/off and monitoring operation of lighting infrastructure. The controller is programmed using a website.

The device calculates sunrise and sunset times on the basis of geographical position or imports the data from astronomical tables. The midiBLUE controller synchronizes time with the Network Time Protocol Server, allowing the lighting to be turned on precisely. The time taken directly from the atomic clock guarantees absolute accuracy and makes any clock corrections made by the user in the controller unnecessary. This small device is mounted in a lighting cabinet. Together with online service, it creates a system that allows for remote monitoring and management of a street lighting. This type of solution enables data for a large amount of cabinet to be processed in real time. It has a direct impact on improving a quality of lighting, reaction time in emergency situations and reducing costs.

Product specifications

  • full control and system management through the website
  • synchronisation of time with server Network Time Protocol – time taken directly from the atomic clock guarantees absolute accuracy
  • communication: GPRS, SMS
  • possibility to create and manage groups of controllers
  • possibility to emergency switch on/off the lighting via SMS
  • user authorisation (login, password) and giving them various rights
  • automatic summer/winter time change
  • possibility to program up to four switch on/off sections at fixed hours including astronomical switch on/off
  • 4 output operation modes: astronomical, daily, cascade, service
  • LEDs on the front panel indicating the status of inputs and outputs, GSM and GPRS signal, power status
  • possibility to set 10 exceptions to the lighting schedule (for example calendar holidays, local holidays, etc.)
  • possibility to upload any astronomical table
  • possibility to make separate corrections for summer and winter
  • alarm analysis system
  • prompt notification of occurrence of alarm-type events, e. power outage and openings of the cabinet
  • visualisation of controllers on a website map
  • reporting system
  • HTTPS encryption
  • data archiving
  • event logging
  • lighting operation time counter (separate for each control output)
  • remote update of software and setting via GPRS
  • remote programming of luminaries with APC-LED system
  • astronomical operation mode based on GPS location or data from astronomical tables
  • remote switching on/off the lighting during maintenance works
  • possibility to control lighting in sports facilities, for example sports fields, school playgrounds, etc.
  • synchronisation of starts within a group of controllers (signal multiplexing) possibility to correct start times and switch off the lighting basing on a signal coming from central photocells for immediate response to severe weather changes. Its proper use allows significant savings to be reached.
  • supply voltage: 90-264 VAC, 40-63 Hz
  • driver size (width / height / depth): 43 x 120 x 100 mm
  • width of the device: 3 modules
  • number of outputs: 3
  • outputs current capacity:  AC1: 6A/250 V AC;  DC1: 6A/24 V DC
  • number of intputs: 1
  • operating temperature: from -30°C to +85°C
  • protection degree: IP20
  • DIN rail mounting

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