LightSport DALI / 1-10 V converter for controlling lighting circuits

The LightSport binary converter is designed for group control of LED luminaires equipped with a DALI or 1-10 V interface.
The converter allows to generate a DALI signal or an analogue voltage signal of 1-10 V. This allows to control the luminaires brightness by using CPAnet, CPA Sport, midiBLUE controller or a combination of four ordinary switches. The device works with any controller having potential-free relay outputs.
The converter is based on a 4-bit analog-to-digital converter. By short-circuiting individual controller inputs with the COM input, the output is set to one of 16 voltage levels or the appropriate DALI signal. By selecting the appropriate combination, the luminaire’s beam can be reduced to the defined level or even switched off (DALI).

Product specifications

  • group control of LED luminaires equipped with DALI or 1-10 V interface
  • reduction of the lamp beam to a defined level
  • 16 reduction levels possible
  • support of controllers: CPAnet, midiBLUE and CPA Sport
  • support of any controllers with potential-free relay outputs
  • power supply voltage: 230V, ±10%
  • supply voltage frequency: from 48 Hz to 53 Hz
  • dimensions (W/H/D): 52 x 104 x 62 mm
  • device width: 3 modules
  • control output: DALI or 1-10 V
  • control output current capacity: 200 mA
  • number of potential-free inputs: 4
  • operating temperature: from –20°C to +55°C
  • operating humidity: up to 95%, no condensation
  • protection: IP20
  • DIN rail mounting

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