PSR autonomous mode switch

PSR autonomous mode switch as an emergency street lighting control. In the event of the clock failure, it may take over its tasks, thus allowing service engineers to identify, diagnose and remove the defect.

The system may be mounted in any control cabinet. Its major advantage is a possibility of connecting two sensors at a time, which increases failure-free operation of the device. If one sensor is defective or in the event of an act of vandalism resulting in the damage to the sensor (e.g. removed or covered as a result of painting), the second sensor takes over all functions and controls the device independently.

The device detects if measuring elements have been connected and if they work properly. In case of any irregularities or lack of connection of light-sensitive elements, a relevant LED light in the front panel will activate. If light-sensitive elements have not been connected, ST control output in FOTO mode is inactive. The device has regular boundary values of lighting activation (15 lx) and deactivation (25 lx). Two information outputs Q1 and Q2 inform about switch knob location and defective operation of sensors or their absence.

Product specifications

  • emergency lighting control
  • analogue light intensity measurement
  • optical and sound signaling of work status
  • possible to connect two sensors at a time
  • possible to mount in any control cabinet
  • supply voltage: 230 VAC +10/-15%, 50Hz
  • dimensions (W/H/D): 68 x 90 x 65 mm
  • device width: 4 modules
  • number of control outputs: 1
  • number of information outputs: 2
  • measurement range: 1- 500 lx
  • output current-carrying capacity: 3 A/230V
  • ambient temperature: -40°C to +85°C
  • protection class: PSR – IP20, sensor – IP67


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