The 1-10test device servers to verify proper operation of lamps adjusted to be controlled via the 1-10 interface. Testing may be performed in two ways. The first – automatic. In this mode, the lamp’s power is smoothly adjusted from the maximum (10V) to the minimum (~0V) value. Having acquired the minimum power, a lamp returns to its maximum-power state. The entire test takes about 5 seconds. The other, non-automated manual mode comprises manual, 11-step adjustment of the lamp power with buttons located besides an LED meter.

Product specifications

  • supply voltage: 230 V +5/-10%, 50Hz
  • power supply voltage: 9V (ER9V with 1200 mAh capacity)
  • tester dimensions: (l / w / h)    142 x 69 x 25 mm
  • operating temperature: from -40°C to + 70°C
  • degree of protection: IP20

Data sheet

Declaration of Conformity - file available when you log in

Operating Manual - file available when you log in

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