Lighting controller for sports facilities

CPA Sport is a controller designed for lighting management in sports facilities. Through the website, you can set passwords and lighting duration, calculate the estimated cost of lighting in a particular month and also specify the time period when the lighting is turned on/off via SMS. Such solution enables any sports facility manager to fully control the lighting and provides optimum comfort to users. The user can turn on the lighting by sending an SMS when it gets dark. A password and special phone number is placed in a visible place in the facility.

Product specifications

  • full control and device management through a website
  • turning on the lighting via SMS
  • possibility to set any starting time of the lighting in the sports facilities
  • possibility to import sport activities schedule (the lighting will turn on automatically before the start of classes and turn off right after the end)
  • possibility to separate the facility functions (the lighting may be turned on for a selected field only)
  • possibility to manage a few sports facilities
  • GPS time synchronisation (the accurate time and geographical position may be imported from a built-in GPS receiver)
  • communication: GPRS, SMS
  • prompt notification of occurrence of alarm-type events, i.e. power outage and openings of the cabinet
  • reporting system and archiving of alarm data
  • user authorisation (login, password) and assigning them various rights
  • automatic location of controllers on a website map
  • remote update of software and settings via GPRS
  • access to free software on the website
  • LEDs on the front panel indicating the status of inputs and outputs, GSM, GPRS and GPS signal, network coverage, battery charging status
  • 6 output operation modes: astronomical, daily, cascade, service, reduction, weather
  • possibility to introduce 10 exceptions to the lighting operation schedule (for example calendar holidays, local holidays, etc.)
  • possibility to make separate corrections for summer and winter
  • power supply voltage: 85-264 VAC, 44-440 Hz
  • controller dimensions (width/height/depth): 150 x 85 x 110 mm
  • device width: 9 modules
  • number of outputs: 4
  • current capacity of outputs: 2 A/230 V
  • number of inputs: 4
  • operating temperature: from –30°C to +85°C
  • level of protection: IP20
  • DIN rail mounting

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