Soft start LED inrush current limiter

Soft start LED is an inrush current limiter. It protects the lighting installation against considerable current surge which may cause substantial damage.

Modern LED luminaires and energy-efficient LED „bulbs” are known to have a very high inrush current during startup. This feature is typical of all devices with an electronic power supply. In short impulse this current may be over 100 A with regard to the power supply 150 W. You can easily imagine the inrush current of the system composed of a few dozen luminaires 100 W. Such a considerable current surge may cause much damage in the short and long perspective.

Current surge may cause the protection of the entire switchboard to activate and thus switch off the power supply in the factory. Next, a continuous switching on and off leads to erosion of contacts and may result in the so-called contact “gluing”. Erosion, that is burning of contacts leads to a change of protection current, voltage drops and apparatus overheating. These undesired phenomena can be prevented thanks to the use of soft start LED inrush current limiter.

The use of the limiter also translates into lower electricity bills. Without soft start LED, it is necessary to use much more protections in order to avoid an uncontrollable activation of safety devices, about 2-3 times bigger than intended for the installed power. The so-called contracted power is calculated on the basis of values of used protection, and therefore the use of soft start LED allows installing nominal protections and reducing costs related to contracted power fees.

Product specifications

  • reduction of inrush current of switched –mode power supplies max up to 20 A
  • the device allows using nominal safety devices – protects against over-current during start-up phase
  • protects against burning of contacts of relays, contactors and connectors
  • intended for operation with up to 20 A of nominal current
  • two-stage current limiter reduces current surge in the case of power of more than 2 kW
  • micro-processor adjustment of current limit time
  • possible to use in all types of LED luminaires
  • electronic protection of current limiting resistors
  • supply voltage: 230 V +5/-10%, 50Hz
  • dimensions (width/height/length): 35 x 120 x 100 mm
  • width of the device: 2 modules
  • maximum number of starts: 1 cycle/min
  • electric life: 1 million cycles
  • current-carrying capacity: 20A/230 V
  • working temperature: from -30°C to +80°C
  • protection rating: IP20
  • rail assembly DIN

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