PZS-5 remote control relays

PZS  is remote street lighting network control relay in the cascade set. Giving phase voltage on any number of control inputs closes the passage between the output terminals. Between the input and the output side there is a full galvanic isolation.

Product specifications

  • direct interaction with contactor
  • optical indication for work
  • galvanic isolation of the output circuit from control inputs
  • supply voltage: 230 V +10/-30%, 50 Hz
  • driver size (width / height / depth): PZS-5 – 35 x 95 x 58 mm
  • width of the device: PZS-5 – 2 modules
  • number of outputs: 1
  • outputs current capacity: 16 A/230 V
  • number of intputs: PZS-5 – 3 control inputs

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