APC-LED in new housing adapted to NEMA connector.


Power reducers in street lighting not only provide savings in electricity consumption, but also contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Our power reducers – APC-LEDs – enjoy unflagging interest on the market. In order to meet our customers’ expectations, we have introduced APC-LEDs in a housing adapted to NEMA connectors.

This solution is recommended to all those who have LED luminaires with NEMA connector. They can increase the functionality of their LED fittings with the ability to control light intensity. Until now this has only been possible for customers who have made sure that the APC-LED reducers are included in the luminaires before purchase, as they are fitted during production.


– high economic efficiency

– environmentally friendly – thanks to reduced power consumption it reduces CO2 emissions

– innovation, reliability, uncomplicated operation

– programmable via CPAnet, midiBLUE, midiBLUE NFC or microBLUE controller.

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