APC- LED DALI autonomous time relay

APC- LED DALI is a microprocessor-based time relay designed to control the power of a single LED street lighting luminaire
A unique feature of the system is the ability to determine the current time based on the history of switching on and off. The start time of full or partial power reduction and its duration are set with a resolution of 30 min. Switching in luminaires fed from a single line is simultaneous with seconds of accuracy.
APC-LED DALI is designed to control LED power supplies with built-in light intensity reduction DALI standard. The relay allows the temporary reduction of the luminous flux in LED luminaires of various types. The system is pre-programmed with two time intervals in which the intensity of the luminous flux is reduced at two different levels. The user can reprogram both the range of the two time intervals and the level of reduction. Programming involves applying the appropriate sequence of switching on and off the power supply to the lighting power supply circuits.

Product specifications

  • no control line
  • no clock and no internal battery
  • ability to change settings in all luminaires simultaneously
  • signaling of the operating status for service purposes
  • remote programming of the relay via Bluetooth (group)
  • programming of the relay remotely via internet
  • programming the relay locally by means of dedicated programmer
  • two reduction levels: T1 and T2 – possibility of flux reduction in 16 steps (steps of 6%)
  • maintenance-free and easy to install
  • environmentally friendly – reduced CO2 emissions due to reduced power consumption
  • power supply voltage: 230 V +5/–15%, 50Hz
  • device dimensions (height/diameter): 95 x Ø 35 mm, (installation inside the LED luminaire)
  • outputs: DALI standard
  • power consumption of: 0.5 W
  • operating temperature: from –30°C to +80°C
  • protection: IP20

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