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PS5rc remote controller is used for wireless control of the CPA watches family.

It communicates remotely with the CPA 5rc controller by radio link, so without the need to open the cabinet. Communication with the controllers of CPA 4.0 and CPA 6.0 type takes place in the infrared. The range radio link in an open space is tens of meters. It depends on external conditions, but in practice it does not fall under several meters. Infrared connection range is a few meters.
Using the remote control, the user can easily enter or change any necessary settings for the controller. Remote control software allows for quick – one button – implementation of the previously prepared complete program settings. The user can also send control command or remotely lock the keyboard and controller settings. This prevents making changes to the driver settings by unauthorized persons. Furthermore wireless remote CPA 5rc allows to remotely lock, using PIN code. Remote control software allows downloading the data from the CPA 5rc driver built-in event recorder and transferring them to computer memory. The device is lightweight and ergonomic. The remote control is equipped with an RS232 interface for connection to a PC. The software delivered together with the remote control allows for the exchange and processing of data.

Product Specifications

Features of the device

  • wireless control
  • easy to read LCD display and membrane keypad
  • ease and the speed of introducing operating parameters (settings) of the driver
  • possibility to support multiple types of drivers

Technical specifications

  • supply voltage: 2 bateries R6 (AA)
  • dimensions (length x width x height) 200 x 95 x 40 mm
  • weight 260 g
  • connection RS 232
  • operating temperature: from -40 to +85°C
  • protection degree: IP20

Files to download

Data sheet

Instruction manual - is avaible for registred users.

Declaration of conformity - is avaible for registred users.