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SSOU is a modern street lighting cabinet. SSOU in one enclosure integrates the measuring and distribution part, the system for central power reduction (power reducer) and the system for control and remote monitoring (CPA).

The cabinet housing houses three sections. These are:
1. measuring section
2. distribution section
3. power regulator section

Measuring section always has a separate door and closing. In the measuring section there are upstream of the counter protection and measurement devices that are installed depending on the needs and requirements of the energy supply company.

Distribution section contains typical elements of control circuits: contactors, security of lines powering individual lighting circuits and terminal blocks.
In this section, the circuit of remote control and supervision CPAnet was placed.

The last section contains power reducer with parameters corresponding to the needs of a specific location.
Cabinets are made according to customer requirements. At the step of order picking technical details are determined with the ordering party. A final draft is prepared, which after approval is implemented. As a standard the cabinets are mounted in housings made of aluminium, powder coated, although it is also possible to use other housings. We offer single-phase versions of cabinets or three-phase, with power range from 3.5 kVA to 120 kVA.
The use of modern control system based on the CPAnet controller and power reducer allowed to create a solution fully corresponding to European standards. With the remote exchange of software, it is also flexible, because it can be adapted to customer needs changing over time.

Technical specifications

Technical parameters

  • available power range:
    – single-phase versions: 3.5 kVA to 20 kVA
    – three-phase versions: 7.5 kVA to 120 kVA
  • dimensions and weight depend on the version

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