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microBOX 25A is medium power reducer, designed to work in lighting network,

in which it is possible to reduce power consumption by reducing voltage. Due to its small size and low weight it will fit in almost any lighting cabinet. The device uses the transformer method of lowering voltage and power at the same time, which allows energy savings of up to 40%. With this solution we extend the life of luminaires, ballasts and light sources, as well as lower the additional costs of operation and maintenance of the lighting networks. microBOX does not introduce harmonic distortion and does not adversely affect the work of lighting.
The device is equipped with thermal protection: internal temperature sensor that if required switches the device off and indicates exceeding the allowed temperature. On the front panel of the device there is a switch that allows the user to easily select the appropriate voltage or, if necessary, a manual bypass.

Product specification

Features of the device

    • Voltage optimization of street lighting network
    • available 1- and 3-phase versions
    • adjustable power reduction level of 20% or 40%
    • possibility to activate or deactivate reduction at any time
    • lack of harmonic distortion
    • possibility to use in cable networks, overhead lines, for external and internal lighting
    • on the front panel of the device there is a switch that allows selection of supply voltage
    • automatic and manual bypass of the device in case of power failure or damage
    • control by any CPA series astronomical programmer or any timer
    • 4 LEDs on the front panel of the device, indicating the status of work
    • environmentally friendly device – by limiting power consumption it reduces CO2 emissions
    • innovation, reliability, easy operation
    • high economic efficiency – reducing costs up to 40%

Technical specifications

      • supply voltage: 230, 238, 245 V, 50Hz
      • reception voltage: 230 V – 180 V
      • size (width / height / depth): 165 x 325 x 135 mm
      • power range: 25A up to 5.5 kVA for a 1-phase and up to 17 kVA for 3-phase
      • outputs current capacity: 16 A, 20A, 25A (depending on the version)
      • 1st reduction level by 20 %
      • 2nd reduction level by 40 %
      • operating temperature: -40 °C to +40 °C
      • protection degree: IP20
      • installation in the lighting cabinet and on the board
      • weight 10.8 kg (for one phase)

Wiring diagram

Wiring diagram_schemat podłączenia

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Data sheet

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Wiring diagram